Esther Lim, DMD

Dr. Lim entered dentistry after a prior career in Boston’ s biotech industry.  Her move into dentistry was inspired by a desire to impact patient’s lives in immediate and positive ways. Dr. Lim completed her education at Boston University’s School of Dental Medicine, where she was a cum laude honors graduate. 

Since December 2013, Dr. Lim has been honored to continue the 37-year tradition of quality care and personalized attention, at 141 Court Street in Plymouth.  Dr. Lim has also worked previously as associate dentist in the Braintree and Boston areas.  Relocating from Boston in 2014, Dr. Lim and her husband and have enjoyed becoming part of the local community. 

According to Dr. Lim, “At Plymouth Smiles, we realize that each patient is unique.  Our goal is to educate and guide each patient toward making their own best decisions”.  As such, Dr. Lim enjoys explaining the “how and why”, so each patient gains an understanding of their needs and treatment options.

Dr. Lim enjoys continuing education, and is an active member of the ADA and Massachusetts Dental Society. When not practicing dentistry, Dr. Lim enjoys exploring the South Shore, hiking with her husband, and making sure the office mascot (“Kirby”) gets plenty of exercise.